Bayoom Hub

Strong Baobob tree

Bayoom Hub is a networked, partner-based learning system that begins with local partners to build networks that support community-based projects. We work with local partners and communities (regarded as one of our partners) to gain community-based knowledge that forms the context for a successful project. This is the foundation for sustainable solutions.

We’re currently working on a five-year project with the University of Johannesburg’s Centre for Collaborative Digital Networks. The “proof of concept” project is in four rural and township areas. If successful, such communities will gain competence in taking charge of their own development. Using perspectives on culture, local innovation and the value of data they will begin to build their own abilities that lead to a culturally and economically sustainable community process.

Once a sustainable system is in place for a community, and data is helping to improve it dynamically, the same model can be expanded to other communities. Networked communities provide a wealth of data of what works, when it works, how it works (or fails), with whom it works, and under what circumstances. This requires continual, accurate, valid information from the communities that can only be garnered through skilled research designed with local guidance. Using careful analysis, the data begins to reveal patterns.

BOH works closely with local partners to design the interface and local networks. Networks of data increase sustainability for communities and the partnership initiative. All parties benefit from what they are learning. We provide the framework for learning through both horizontal (among communities) and vertical (across partnerships) networks. We also provide the administrative, logistical and legal framework to collaborate with larger entities – such issues as sharing data, analysis and research. It is a collaborative decision among partners.