funded research

“A knowledge-economic design for collaborative North-South research: potential for integrating IT in rural communities” $200,000.  September 2013- August 2015. Korean National Research Foundation

“The Cost of Not Educating the World’s Poor” $8,000. Grant for writing a book. College of Education. March 2013-May 2015.

“Applying Knowledge Economic Principles in Curriculum Building for Poor Countries” Seoul National University, Office of Research. $40,000. April 2013- March 2014.

“Structure, Policies and Procedures for Optimal Working Environment for Global Faculty” SNU Office of Research, $30,000.  April 2012-March 2013.

“Establishment of Zambia GKI Center for Innovated Learning and competency development project” Korea National Research Foundation.  Funded for $45,000. October 2011- September 2012.

“SNU administrative concerns of International Professors” SNU Office of Research, $35,000. January – August 2011.

“International Professor Colloquium.” Seoul National University. ($2,000) September 1, 2010 ~ May 31, 2011.

International Alliance of Leading Institutes of Education. “Knowledge Mobilization Study.” (Korea Country Study; $18,000) College of Education, Seoul National University. June 1, 2010 ~ May 31, 2011.

COE Research Grant. “Education’s Contribution to Economic Growth in a Knowledge Economy Environment.” ($5,000) College of Education, Seoul National University. September 1, 2009 ~ August, 31, 2010.

New Professors Grant. College of Education, Seoul National University. ($10,000) March 1, 2009 ~ February 28, 2010.

Comparative and International Education Society. Grant to run Secretariat of professional society. Four years. $90,000 per year/ found years. Awarded July 2003.

COE Research Grant. Research to estimate economic costs of reduced classroom size for Florida. $8000 August 2003.

Professional Development Seminars; Jordanian Education Professors. 1995. United States Agency for International Development. April 1995. $2500.

“An International Data Base on Education and Employment.” 1993. United University Professionals. $2000.

“Cultural Antecedents to Higher Education Achievement”. U.S. National Education Foundation. 1979. College of Micronesia; Federated States of Micronesia. $25,000.

Team Leader or team member writing funded grants:

African Development Bank and UNESCO, Eritrea. Economic analysis of proposed $30 million project on educational expansion and quality. 2004.

U.S. Agency for International Development, Uganda. Cost analysis and supply projections for non-formal education grant. 2002.

United Nations OPS, Vietnam. Education Expenditure Review for Ho Chi Minh City. Evaluated macro trends and educational priorities and recommended future directions for education sector to be funded by UNDP. 2001.

Asian Development Bank, Bangladesh. Designed a US$ 1.2 billion strategic plan for secondary education investment in Bangladesh. 1998. Followed by Secondary Sector Loan.

“Human Resource Capacity: Collaborative Development in Conceptualization, Analysis and Training. (1995) Principal Investigator with four other researchers. United States Information Agency. US$115,614.

US Agency for International Development, South Africa. Conducted economic analysis of proposed tertiary education project for a US$ 50 million tertiary education project. Analysis focused on economic benefits of increased equity and access. 1993.

World Bank, Jamaica, West Indies. Developed framework for estimating long-term recurrent costs of educational reform. Estimated costs. Part of US$40 million loan for educational reform. Worked on financial justification for reform. 1992.

World Bank, Jamaica, West Indies. Conducted study on costs of educational inputs for World Bank research project. Part of US$300,000 research grant for research branch of the World Bank. 1992.

U.S.  Agency for International Development, Malawi. Designed educational project for girls’ education in Malawi with team. Part of US$20 million educational support grant. Did macro and micro economic analysis. Also analyzed database on education in Malawi as separate effort. 1991.

Applied, not funded:

“International Survey of the Professorate.” One of several authors and investigator. National Science Foundation. 1994. Grant submitted for the Comparative and Global Studies in Education Center, Graduate School of Education, SUNY Buffalo.