International Work

International Work

international work in brief

  • Bayoom Hub, Chief Innovation Coordinator (formerly GKI) Hamyeol, Korea.  2010-present.
  • KOTRA, Myanmar: Country report and Action Plan method  training, Seoul, 10/2013
  • KOTRA, Morroco: Economic Growth and Human Resource Development presentation, Seoul 10/2013
  • KOICA, Training for Economic Empowerment of Iraqi Women. KOICA Training Center, Seoul, 5/2013
  • Korea National Research Foundation.  Global Knowledge Institute, Zambia.  10/2011-9/2012.
  • U.S. Air Force.  Team designed and delivered workshop on African culture, politics and challenges.  10/08-2/09.
  • DFID (British Dev’t Agency) Zambia.  Computer model of HIV workplace programs.  7/08-10/08.
  • DFID (British Dev’t Agency) Zambia. Conducted cost/benefit analysis of HIV & AIDS programs.  1/07-8-07.
  • U.S. AID Zambia.  Chief of Party for $17 million project to establish strategic systems for Ministry.  7/05-4/07.
  • African Dev’t Bank & UNESCO Eritrea (Tunisia). Economic analysis of Ed. Reform Project. 5-7/04.
  • New University Proposal, Kuwait. Economic viability of university. 8-9/03.
  • US. AID Uganda. Cost analysis of nonformal education programs. 7-10/02.
  • U.S. Dept. of State South Asia Panel.  Academic Review Panelist, Ed. Partnerships Prog.  4/2002.
  • Education Expenditure Review United Nations , Vietnam .  for Ho Chi Minh City .  2-4/2001.
  • Cost-effectiveness Analysis Bangladesh . Primary School Asian Dev’t Bank, 5-6/99, 5-7/00
  • Planning Committee USAID Symposium on Girls’ Education, 4/00
  • Bangladesh Primary Education Evaluation: Financial Investment Priorities, 5-6/99
  • Uzebekistan Project Proposal; Financial Analysis, Acad. For Ed’l Dev’t, 11/98
  • Bangladesh Economic Analysis; Sector Review, Asian Dev’t Bank, 5-8/98
  • Bangladesh Financial Analysis; Project Design, Asian Dev’t Bank, 9/98
  • Nepal Literacy Program Assessment, US AID, 8/97
  • Egypt Community Education Program Evaluation, CEDPA, 7/97-8/97
  • Malawi Education Program Management, US AID, 7/96-9/96
  • Lecture: U.S. Demand for International Training, U.S. Japan Foundation, 6/96.
  • Training: Malaysia Educational Finance, Harvard Inst. for Int’l Dev’t, 5/96.
  • Training: Laos Human Resources, Academy for Educational Dev’t, 5/96
  • Egypt Rural Development Project Evaluation, US AID, 1/96
  • Egypt Girls’ Education Strategic Objective Design, US AID, 5/95-6/95
  • Lecture: Globalization and Higher Education, Dominican Republic, 4/95
  • Training: Global Education Markets, Academy for Ed’l Dev’t, 2-5/95.
  • Talk: El Salvador, US AID, talk on New Directions in Economics and Development 9/94
  • Talk: Education Policy Options for Malawi, World Bank, 9/94.
  • Jordan Labor & Employment Analysis, Harvard Institute for Int’l Dev’t. 5, 7-8/94
  • Malawi Team Leader; Education Finance, World Bank, 6/94
  • Wash D.C. (Zambia) Options for Rural Women, World Bank, 2/94-4/94
  • South Africa Education Economic Analysis, US AID, 7/93-8/93
  • Jordan Education Sector Financial Analysis, Harvard Inst. for Int’l Dev’t 9/92-7/93
  • Training: Ed. Policy Analysis Various Nationalities Harvard Inst. Int’l Dev’t, 7/93
  • Jamaica Financial Plan; Education Cost Study, World Bank, 7/92-11/92
  • Training: Conceptualizing Test Costing for LDCs, World Bank, 11/92.
  • Jamaica Test Rationalization, Work Bank, 1/92-5/92
  • Malawi Economic Model for Girls’ Education, US AID, 5/91-7/91
  • Former Soviet Union Research Design, Univ. of Wisconsin, 5/89-6/90
  • Zimbabwe University Lecturer, US AID, 10/87-5/89
  • Peru, Educational Data Analysis, World Bank, 3/87-6/87.
  • Talk: Human Capacity Dev’t, US AID, 8/95.
  • Indonesia, Rate of Return Analysis, Florida State University, 2/85.
  • Micronesia Testing Coordinator Chapter I, 6/77-9/79
  • High School Teacher, Micronesia 8/74-6/75

international policy work

Bayoom Hub [formerly Global Knowledge Alliance.] Chief Innovation Coordinator. Bayoom Hub is a knowledge network system that  supports community-based projects. Based on knowledge economics, the community networks are sustainable and scalable. 2010-present.

University of Johannesburg, Center for Knowledge Collaboration. Collaborator on Hub of Hubs development. 3/2019 – ongoing.

University of Johannesburg, Department of Engineering. Collaborator on Rural Broadband Project (as part of Bayoom Hub). 3/2019- ongoing.

University of Johannesburg, Department of Engineering, Collaborator on Hub of Hubs (as part of Bayoom Hub) 5/2019-ongoing.

Tshwane University of Technology, Rail Manufacturing Center for Entrepreneurship. Collaborator on Rail Manufacturing Center Sustainable Community Project. 3/2019- ongoing.

Covenant University. Visiting International Scholar. Lagos, Nigeria 3/2019

Korea Trade Promotion Corporation (KOTRA) Myanmar training session.  “Country report and Action Plan method training,” Seoul, 10/2013.

Korea Trade Promotion Corporation (KOTRA), Morocco Training Session. “Economic Growth and Human Resource Development”. Presentation, Seoul 10/2013

Korea International Cooperation Agency and Seoul Foundation of Women and Family ‘. Training for Economic Empowerment for Iraqi Women. Conducted workshop, “The Economic Gains to Women’s Empowerment.” 15 May 2013. KOICA Training Center, Seoul

U.S. Air Force. Cultural and Regional Training Seminar on Africa for U.S. Air Force Senior Leaders. Presented background on critical issues on African development for AFRICOMM staff. February 19-20, 2009.

UK Department for International Development, Zambia. Cost Benefit Management Tool for HIV and AIDS Workplace Program. Designed program for companies to use to calculate costs and benefits of HIV workplace programs, supervised international team. July-August, 2008.

UK Department for International Development, Zambia. Headed and coordinated team including U.S. AID, World Bank, United Nations, and local NGO CHAMP. Research was on costs and benefits of HIV and AIDS programmes in Zambia. February-September 2007.

U.S. Agency for International Development, Zambia. Chief of Party for US$17 million project to design, build and make sustainable strategic systems which run the Ministry of Education in Zambia. This included technology infrastructure, IT networks, databases, research and policy analysis systems, budgeting procedures, reduction in teacher HIV and AIDs and institution development procedures and structures. 2005 – 2007.

African Development Bank and UNESCO, Eritrea. Economic analysis of proposed $30 million project on educational expansion and quality. 2004.

Kuwait, Plan for New University. Conducted economic analysis of viability of plan for new university in the country. August- September 2003.

U.S. Agency for International Development, Uganda. Cost analysis and supply projections for non-formal education programs. 2002.

United Nations OPS, Vietnam. Education Expenditure Review for Ho Chi Minh City. Evaluated macro trends and educational priorities and recommended future directions for education sector. 2001.

Asian Development Bank, Bangladesh. Developed a cost model for cost-effectiveness analysis of primary school inputs. 1999-2000.

Asian Development Bank, Bangladesh. Designed a US$ 1.2 billion strategic plan for secondary education investment in Bangladesh. 1998.

U.S. Agency for International Development, Nepal. Evaluated effectiveness of literacy programs in increasing girls’ school enrollments and quality. Estimated costs, benefits and efficiencies. 1997.

U.S. Agency for International Development, Nepal. Informal consultation to identify means of quantifying literacy gains of women in rural Nepal. 1997.

U.S. Agency for International Development, Nepal. Evaluated effectiveness of literacy program in increasing girls’ school enrollments and quality. Estimated costs, benefits and efficiencies. 1997.

CEDPA, Egypt. Conducted mid-term evaluation of community education program for girls. Reviewed progress and identified problems. Project funded for US $6 million over five years. 1997.

U.S. Agency for International Development, Malawi. Analyzed management issues for girls’ scholarship program. Suggested changes in policy, planning, analysis and reporting. Project is funded for US$3 million. 1997

U.S. Agency for International Development Egypt. Created process analysis of strategic objective on girl’s education. Part of a US$50 million grant to identify strategies for increasing female educational levels. 1995.

World Bank, Malawi. Team Leader; Education Expenditure Review. Reviewed and projected educational finance conditions in the country as part of ongoing US$30 million loans to education. Modeled proposed reform changes. 1994.

Harvard Institute for International Development/ Jordan National Center for Education Research, Jordan. Conducted cost analysis for vocational and technical education World Bank pre-appraisal team. Part of proposed US$50 million loan to support Phase II of educational reform. Completed analysis of employment and training household survey. 1994.

World Bank, Washington, D.C., Zambia. Wrote section of policy paper on policies affecting women’s development in Zambia. Recommend changes in procedures and distribution of funding public social projects in order to foster increased participation of well-being of women. Academy for International Development. 1994

Harvard Institute for International Development/ Jordan National Center for Education Research, Jordan. Designed household survey and analysis of education and labor, educational dropouts and success of educational training programs. Twelve thousand households. 1994.

US Agency for International Development, South Africa. Conducted economic analysis of proposed tertiary education project for a US$ 50 million tertiary education project. Analysis focused on economic benefits of increased equity and access. 1993.

World Bank, Washington, D.C. Designed computer program for costing test development and administration. 1992.

Harvard Institute for International Development/ Jordan National Center for Education Research, Jordan. Conducted a full-scale study of educational finance and integration with national economy. Produced five monographs on the educational finance system including monographs on long-term costs, efficiency and cost recovery. Part of US$ 50 million loan for Part I of educational reform. Participated in training of Center’s staff. 1992-1993.

World Bank, Jamaica, West Indies. Developed framework for estimating long-term recurrent costs of educational reform. Estimated costs. Part of US$40 million loan for educational reform. Worked on financial justification for reform. 1992.

World Bank, Jamaica, West Indies. Conducted study on costs of educational inputs for World Bank research project. Part of US$300,000 research grant for research branch of the World Bank. 1992.

U.S. Agency for International Development/Council for International Visitors, Buffalo, NY. Coordinated ten- day seminar on Economic Development for U.S. AID sponsored graduates students from numerous countries. Responsibilities included coordination of activities, facilitator or group discussions and informant on economic development issues. November 1991.

World Bank, Washington, D.C. Constructed cost analysis framework and computer program for various testing methodologies useful to Third World nations. 1991.

U.S.  Agency for International Development, Malawi. Designed educational project for girls’ education in Malawi with team. Part of US$20 million educational support grant. Did macro and micro economic analysis. Also analyzed database on education in Malawi as separate effort. 1991.

Ford Foundation/ University of Zimbabwe. Acted as consultant for a study on sexual bias. Helped formulate research concepts, designed instruments and planned analysis. 1988.

World Bank Headquarters, Washington, D.C. Prepared a subset of the Peru Living Standards Survey data for use in educational and economic analysis. Prepared report on educational demand in rural Peru. 1987.

Learning Systems Institute, Florida State University. Assisted in rate-of-return data analysis for Indonesian Sector Assessment Report. 1995.

State of Florida. Wrote guidelines for economic evaluation of educational programs for State of Florida – FACET legislation (l986). Subcontracted with Florida State University, College of Education. 1985.

Federated States of Micronesia, Education Department. Helped design and norm nationwide achievement test for primary grades. 1979.

Federated States of Micronesia; Department of Planning. Worked with United Nations Develop Program staff and Planning Department staff to establish an educational database for the country. 1978-1979.

Chuk State Department of Education, Federal States of Micronesia. Consultant to the U.S. Federal Program Review Committee. Reviewed the Federal Register for funding sources. Recommended program participation possibilities. Wrote grant proposals. 1997-1978.